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Park Homes News

  • Loddon Court Farm Park

    Loddon Court Farm Park is surrounded by open countryside and yet only a few miles south of the bustling town of Reading, approximately 5 miles away.

  • Ashwood Park

    This beautiful park for the semi-retired and retired is situated in the village of Wincham, and offers the attraction of rural living, yet is only two

  • Grove Farm Mobile Home Park

    A long established, well appointed Mobile Home Residential Park in Mychett, near Camberley Surrey with 98 homes of which 25 per cent are rented.Ideal

  • Grove Farm Mobile Home Park

    A long established, well appointed Mobile Home Residential Park in Mychett, near Camberley Surrey with 98 homes of which 25 per cent are rented. &nbs

What is a residential park home.

Just like a standard house on a street, or a flat in an apartment block, a park home is a residence in which you are permitted to dwell in all year round. It is this fundamental detail that differentiates them from static caravan holiday homes, which are designed solely for use as holiday accommodation.

Park homes are an affordable and energy efficient alternative to more traditional homes, making them ideal for those approaching retirement age or for first time buyers. The myriad of different styles and designs offered ensures that there is a park home to suit any personality or taste.

A sense of community, enhanced security and hassle-free maintenance: three benefits reported by owners of park homes, as well as the added advantage of not having the responsibility of looking after a larger property.

Costs and Financing

There are two options available to you when you decide to purchase a residential park home. One is to purchase a home that is already situated on a park; while the other is to purchase a home from new, designed to specific requirements.

The latter option will usually be the most expensive, but also the most likely to deliver precisely what you require. Costs such as surveying fees and labour costs will all be incurred if you decide to go down the route of purchasing a new, bespoke park home.

If you decide to purchase an existing home, already on a park, you will still need to allow for agency fees, solicitor fees and other setting up charges, on top of the price of the pitch and the unit.

In addition to this, the normal costs associated with a regular home will also apply, such as council tax and utility bills. However, stamp duty does not apply.
In terms of financing, you may find that most banks do not offer mortgages on park homes. However, it is beneficial for you to acquire a loan or mortgage from a specialist firm anyway, as these firms offer terms more suited to park home purchases.


Most residential parks will allow you to keep pets, but it is always worth double checking with park ownership beforehand.

Age restrictions

Another thing that it is worth checking before you decide to purchase a home on a residential park is what age restrictions the park impose on their residents. Each park will have different regulations: some will operate no age restrictions at all, while others will not allow children and some will require their residents to be over a certain age (55 for example).