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We’ve compiled a few of the most frequently asked questions that are put to us by visitors to our site. If there’s anything we haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team!

What Are The Benefits of Park Home Life?

Most park home owners cite the sense of community that is found on a park as the main benefit of park home life. As traditional communities have gradually fragmented over the years, moving to a property in a new area can leave you feel isolated and alone; this is not the case on a park, where the abundance of social activities, committees and clubs help to bring people together.

At the same time, your privacy will be respected as it would in any more traditional abode. Also, the potential economic benefits of life in a park home make it a popular and desirable choice.

Am I able to use my Park Home as a second home?

The Mobile Homes Act of 1983 stipulates that a park home must only be used as your place of permanent residence. For static caravans and lodges, the opposite is true. These structures are to be used as second homes only.

What is the difference between a Park Home and a normal brick house?

In essence, the only real difference is in how the property is constructed. A park home will be constructed offsite, before being transported into the park and secured on a concrete platform. Once secured and fully connected to utilities, a park home resembles a regular house, both internally and externally.

You will need to pay income tax on your park home, just like a regular house.

Are Park Homes much cheaper than regular housing?

Essentially, yes they are. However, this is because of the current high value of housing, which is subject to change. If you were to sell a decent-sized family home of 3 or 4 bedrooms, it is likely that you will easily have enough money to purchase a park home with some left over.

Of course, prices of park homes vary greatly between models and between parks.

How much are Park/Site fees?

These will vary greatly from park to park, and should be confirmed before you enter into any purchase process. Fees can be paid weekly, monthly or yearly; again, this is something that should be negotiated before you purchase.

These fees cover the costs associated with running a park; costs such as maintenance, sewerage etc. Any increase in fees must be presented in the form of a written statement explaining the reasons behind the increase, which then must be signed and agreed.

Will my Park Home last as long as a regular brick house?

If properly maintained, a park home will last for 40 years or more and will remain in liveable condition for all of those years. However, it is wise to check with the manufacturer of your specific model.

It is also worthwhile checking that the manufacturer is affiliated with one of the main regulatory bodies and warranty providers. These are NCC Approved, Gold Shield and NCC Park Home Manufacturers.
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