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The Selling Process – Legality

If the time has come to sell your park home, there are several things that you should bear in mind. In order to simplify the process, we’ve outlined information on what to consider when selling.

Always remember to collect all the relevant information for the potential buyer in advance. This accelerates the process and ensures that everything is above board and transparent at all stages of the transaction.

This prevents any nasty surprises surfacing that may cause the buyer to back out of the purchase.

Below, we’ve listed the documentation and info you will need to provide:

The written statement, outlining the agreement between you and the park owner
Council tax information
A copy of the park rules, including details of what is and is not permitted.
Information on maintenance history and warranty.
Details of utility rates, including electricity, gas and water.
The pitch or site fees

It goes without saying that a detailed knowledge of the cost of your park home is crucial to the selling process. However, you may not have taken into account all the elements involved in the costing process. Remember to bear in mind the following;

Surveyor costs
Solicitor costs
Repair costs, not always necessary but will often increase the likelihood of a sale
Estate agents costs
Park owner’s commission, the park owner will take a 10% commission on the sale price of the park home. It is a legal requirement to pass this on to the park owner.

Remember that the park owner must approve the sale and accept the incoming buyer. It is their prerogative to refuse a prospective resident if they wish, but they must be able to justify this against their designated rules under the 1983 Mobile Homes Act.

To ensure a timely acceptance of the buyer from the park, it is wise to put details of the proposed transaction in writing and hand it to the park owner. Include information of the name, address and contact details of the buyer and request that the park owner signs the document to confirm their acceptance.

The park owner is required by law to respond to this within 2 days.

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