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Park Home Improvements

Your park home is your home, and so you will be responsible for any improvements made to the unit itself. All major improvements must be given the green light by the site owners, so be sure to keep them informed of your plans.

Failure to do so may result in sanctions taken by the owners of the site and could result in eviction if your improvements violate your residency contract.

While you are duty bound to adhere to the above, the park owners must also conform to certain legal regulations and requirements. For example, they are responsible for all shared areas and common facilities, and must keep such areas in good, usable condition.

Any services and amenities that the park supplies to your pitch must be maintained by the site’s team, according to the government’s own statutes relating to park home site ownership.

The owners must also ensure that the base of your park home is kept in good condition, and is repaired and maintained to a high standard.

The park may occasionally opt to make major improvements to the site, improvements that may result in a level of disruption to life on the park on a temporary basis. The park owners are within their rights to do this, in fact they will sometimes be forced to do this in order to conform to their legal responsibilities

However, such improvements do not affect your rights as the owner of a property on the site. The park owners are legally obliged to give you at least 28 days advance warning that work is to be carried out, and must submit this warning to all owners of properties on the park in writing.

In addition to this, the park owners are obliged to inform you if the planned improvements will result in an increase in your pitch fees.

The park owner is within their rights to go through with planned improvements, even if residents vote to oppose the plans with a majority decision. However, the park owner is not allowed to increase pitch fees by rote as the result of improvements.

If the park owners wishes to recoup the cost of an improvement by increasing pitch fees, this must be ratified by a residential property tribunal. This is an independent body that seeks to resolve disagreements relating to residential properties in the UK.

Usually, a resident will appeal to the tribunal following a disagreement with a landlord or a local council, however, in the case of park homes, the park owner must approach the tribunal before they undertake any improvements with a view to increasing site fees. 

Note: This article is for information purposes only. All information correct as of July 1st 2013.
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