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Park Homes Utility Bills

Just as with any sort of domicile, living in a park home will incur utility bills and the costs associated with these bills. In order to make your abode as comfortable as possible, you will need heating, power and water – as well as luxuries such as television, WiFi internet and telephone connections. Of course, all these things cost money.

As a general rule, the utility bills incurred by a resident of a park home will be significantly less than those associated with a standard ‘house’ home. This is mainly due to the relative size of a park home compared – the smaller the property, the cheaper it is to heat and maintain.

However, the specific amount that you are required to pay will be dependent on your own usage habits. It is always advisable to be responsible when using utilities, for the health of the planet and of your bank balance. Turning off the lights when you go out, limiting the heating only to times of day when it is necessary and ensuring that appliances are unplugged at the mains when not required are simple ways to keep utility bills down to a minimum.

Investing in good quality insulation is another good tip for limiting utility bills, as is the implementation of improvised measures such as placing tinfoil behind radiators to reflect any wasted heat energy back into the home.

Utility bills for your park home will usually be paid through your park operator or owner. The park operator has a duty to pass on an accurate bill to the owners of homes on its parks and you have the right to request information on how the bills have been calculated.

If you have reason to believe your bills are being calculated incorrectly, you can contact either your local branch of Citizen’s Advice or your local financial ombudsman.

The law will protect you and ensure that you receive a fair deal on your park home utility bills.  

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