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Park Homes v Static Caravans: The Differences

Owners of static caravans will very often lovingly adorn their units to turn them into beautifully crafted homes from home. Because of this, at first glance, a park home and a static caravan holiday unit can look almost identical to the untrained eye.

However, there are a number of intrinsic differences, not just in terms of design, but also in terms of legality.


A static caravan holiday home is defined by law as accommodation for holidaying in only, and not as a permanent dwelling. An owner of a static caravan holiday home is exempt from paying council tax on the unit, but they MUST have a property registered in the UK for which they do pay a council tax bill in full.

Even though some holiday caravan parks are now open 12 months of the year, this is not a license to move in full time. In order to avoid landing yourself in some serious bother with the HMRC, be sure to check that the park is registered for residential use and that your council tax details are up to date before you move in.


Static caravan holiday homes simply are not suitable for full time usage. While design will be similar, the build quality of a static caravan will be inadequate for residential purposes.

Such units will be fine for occasional – or even very frequent – holidays, but not for more long term stays. A park home will be very similar to a small house or bungalow in this sense, giving you a tough, durable and secure platform on which to build a home of your own.

Park Facilities

Static caravans will have rudimentary facilities built in, and also other facilities such as toilet blocks and washrooms on the park themselves.

These are perfect for short trips or extended stays on the park. As a park home is a home rather than a holiday caravan, facilities on the park will be geared towards long term residents.

This will include things like regular postal delivaries and collections and a more comprehensively stocked shop. What’s more, a park home will have better amenities built into it, including good quality kitchen and washing areas, making it easier and more comfortable to move into the unit on a full time basis.
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