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Holiday Home Figures Rocket in Cornwall

Published 10/01/2013

Holiday homes in some parts of Cornwall now constitute over 40% of the area’s houses according new figures from the county’s council.

The analysis follows growing concern that the increasing number of houses being used as holiday homes in the county is turning parts of Cornwall into ghost towns at certain times of year. This is something that councillors appear to agree on; only last year the council voted to abolish the 10% council tax discount that was applied to holiday homes in Cornwall.

The figures showed that over 40% of houses in two parishes of Cornwall were now being used as holiday homes. The parishes in question – St. Minver Lowlands and St. John, with a holiday home percentage of 42.9% and 40.9% respectively – topped a list of eight Cornish parishes whose holiday home usage exceed 30%. Councillor Andrew Wallis says that, while he appreciates that there is a vital economic benefit to second holiday homes, a sensible approach is required;

"The region gets about £9bn from the tourist trade and second homes contribute quite a lot to that, what I am asking for is a balance," he told a reporter from the BBC.

"All I am asking for is the same thing for holiday lets, which are basically a business, and second homes."

This would involve introducing legislation in Cornwall which makes it a legal requirement to gain planning permission before turning a house into a holiday home, giving the council greater control.

Councillor Wallis stressed that the council would not abuse these increased powers;

"It is not going to stop them and I'm not trying to do that”, he said.

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